Parting Doesn't Have To Be "Such Sweet Sorrow"

Say goodbye to long goodbyes in your bar-fed small to medium sized turned component production! After all of the critical OD turning, drilling, boring, threading, and grooving operations are complete, it seems that the lights dim and the fanfare fades as the parting tool steps on stage to perform the last operation before your component drops into the parts catcher, or is met with a sub spindle.

At ARNO USA we are breathing new life into this most critical operation. We know that if your parting tool isn’t optimized, it affects your entire turning process. ARNO Parting and grooving tools Feature world class grades and geometries for nearly every material, state of the art ACS2 coolant delivery, a dedicated Aluminum geometry, and the ability to connect your parting tool directly onto your machine turret with no external plumbing. We are making a mark by setting higher expectations of the formerly overshadowed parting tool with significantly increased tool life, greater productivity, and improved process stability.

Making the case for process stability is never more relevant than it is for operations on turning centers utilizing sub-spindles. The interference issues created when the sub-spindle is brought in to grip the component as it’s parted presents technical challenges during set-up and production. Generally, we see a standard 26mm or 32mm blade block employed with a 3mm wide parting blade which is pulled out far enough to complete the parting operation without creating turret / spindle interference. The stability of the parting tool is exponentially compromised the further it is extended from the block. Compromised stability necessitates feed and speed reductions, thus affecting productivity. Furthermore, running indexable carbide inserts below optimal parameters and in an unstable set-up creates other problems that affect part quality and tool life. Last but not least, coolant delivery is invariably compromised as long copper lines tend to not deliver coolant where it needs to be and often get knocked askew by chip stringers or a careless bump from an operator’s arm.

Employing an ARNO MSA style modular parting blade with an adaptor that bolts directly to the turret by either industry standard interface (HSK, UTS, VDI, PSC) or by one of our many machine specific interfaces, gives the parting process much more security and rigidity. First and foremost, ARNO MSA style modular parting blades feature screw clamped inserts in lieu of the passively gripped insert often found in thin parting blades. What’s more, we can do away with the copper and plastic coolant lines because the coolant supply is picked up at the turret, routed through the adaptor, and out through the patented ARNO ACS coolant ports which provides ultimate cutting edge immersion. All of this means you get the most productivity, tool life, and stability in the parting operation that, admit it, you always made sure you were close by when it was being performed.

If the unthinkable ever happens and your MSA blade is damaged, simply unbolt it from the adaptor and install a new one without the need for measuring length or touching off. Better yet, your adaptor interface enhances flexibility by accommodating all of ARNO’s MSA modular blades from 1.5mm to 6mm widths and maximum parting diameters up to 4.0”.