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Purchase a Direct Mount Parting Adaptor and Get a Module and 10 Inserts FREE!

The Best Deal on the Best Parting and Grooving System!

Purchase a Direct Mount parting and grooving adapter for your your machine turret and you will receive the modular blade and 10 inserts FREE*! That's up to a $1000 value!!

A direct mount system is far superior to traditional square shank or block & blade systems. It consists of a rock solid adapter that attaches directly to your lathe turret via factory bolt pattern, Polygon Shank Connection (PSC), or VDI interface. The adapter accepts an ARNO "MSA" modular blade which is offered in a variety of widths and parting diameters to suit many applications. The systems offer through coolant right to the cutting edge and superior stability, especially when parting between spindle and sub-spindle.

This is definitely an upgrade to your traditional parting tool and is often referred to as "the best parting system I have ever used" by many of our customers. So, why not take advantage of this rare promotional offer to upgrade your parting system.

Watch this video to learn more about the ARNO Direct Mount parting & grooving system:

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