Innovated vs Outdated... The ARNO FAST CHANGE Revenue Enhancement is the Real Deal

We have often touted the innovative ARNO FAST CHANGE system as a revenue generator instead of a cost saver. It's a matter of perspective I guess, but in our opinion, when you're spindle is running, more parts are being produced, thus you are generating more revenue every hour, every shift, and every day.

The ARNO FAST CHANGE enables revenue generation by utilizing a very accurate split shank tooling concept to reduce tool change times to mere seconds and eliminate touch-offs. The other significant piece of this revenue generation is eliminating the process of re-adjusting the coolant spigots that invariably get knocked out of place during the tool removal / replacement process that is necessary on a "manifold & spigot" set-up. We know that these features result in dramatically increased spindle up-times, but it was made very evident to us late last year. We were sent documentation which was signed off by a customer who had purchased two of these systems and installed them on their Citizen L20 machines. The total annualized "revenue enhancement" after installing the AFC gang plates and adopting all ARNO through coolant tooling was $674,500! This is broken down into two buckets:

1. Tool change time = $195,000: The incumbent tooling and gang plate were quite outdated and required a tool change time of nearly 25 minutes twice per day for each of the 4 tools in the gang. This resulted in 3 hours of spindle down time per shift! Once the AFC system was installed the tool change times immediately fell to 30 seconds for each tool, thus reducing spindle downtime to a mere 8 minutes per shift.

2. Tool life and increased parameters = $479,500: Adopting ARNO's through coolant tool holders with insert grades and geometries that were designed specifically for high production applications had a profound impact on productivity. Tables were submitted in the document that showed time reduction in turning, grooving, and parting operations with some process times being reduced by 75%. Of course, the through coolant feature increased tool life which further reduced the need for spindle idle time. This total revenue bump was calculated using 325 hours of increased spindle uptime per month. That's nearly 4000 hours of productivity gained annually... which resulted in another big advantage: The customer was able to bring subcontracted jobs back in house.

At ARNO USA we love combining our years of manufacturing experience with game changing innovative technology to make huge impacts on our customers' productivity, accuracy, quality, and process stability. The ARNO FAST CHANGE program is pretty vast with new additions coming on line on a regular basis. There are nearly 50 gang plates presently available for the following machine manufacturers: Citizen, Star, Hanwha, DMG, Nexturn, and Tornos!

This YouTube video provides a quick breakdown of the $195,000 tool change savings:

Innovated vs Outdated Creates $195,000 Revenue Increase