Coolant Right Where You Need It

ARNO's through coolant technology expands beyond the innovative parting and grooving systems. Targeted coolant improves tool life and chip control in traditional turning operations and ARNO takes it to a whole new level. In addition to the standard IK series coolant delivery, ARNO employs Additive Manufacturing to produce a radically new concept: 3D Hybrid tools that deliver coolant through unrestricted internal channels to three jets focused on the insert's cut zone. How cool is that?

Arno's Through Coolant Innovation

ARNO has developed some of the industry's best through coolant turning tools, some of which feature the latest in Additive Manufacturing technology.

Cool From the Start

At ARNO we take through coolant seriously with innovative solutions and patented technology. Our Monobloc ISO Turn line offers internal coolant options for both ISO Positive and ISO Negative inserts.

3D Hybrid Technology

3D printing creates smooth internal coolant channels without the restrictions and bottlenecks that cross drilling creates.

Unrestricted Coolant

The 3D Hybrid system provides 3 robust coolant jets targeting the shear zone and the flank of the insert. Unobstructed coolant supply, no hoses, no clamps, no restrictions

IK1 Traditional

IK1 tool holders offer traditional internal coolant feeds with 3 precise jets targeting the insert's shear zone.

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