ARNO FAST CHANGE... The Complete Swiss Solution

ARNO is committed to increasing productivity on your sliding head Swiss lathes

By constantly innovating and adding capability to the ARNO FAST CHANGE program. With over 50 different gang plates in stock and nearly 200 different types of tools, ARNO FAST CHANGE can accommodate Swiss turning operations from miniature components to parts up to 1-5/8" diameter. When it comes to Swiss quick change tooling, ARNO is leading the way.

Our FAST CHANGE tooling capabilities include:

  • Turning with positive and negative ISO standard inserts (C, D, V geometries)

  • Traditional, neutral, and back-turning orientations

  • Precision Swiss grooving

  • Multi-function groove & turn tools with full radius options

  • Comprehensive parting program featuring ACS1 and ACS2 coolant delivery options