New Products

3D Printed Blades

Our motto “cool from the start” is about to get a little cooler! Our quest for industry leading innovation continues as we introduce our line of 3D printed MSA parting modules.

We have augmented our world class ACS2 through coolant technology with a range of Arno Specific mount (MSA-S) and Industry Standard mount (MSA-I) modular blades with game changing 3D printed options.

How will this benefit your operation? 3D printing eliminates cross-drilled coolant holes that can sometimes meet at sharp or obtuse angles. All of the coolant can now flow unimpeded in the most direct route from the your adaptor to the cutting edge. 3D printing also allows us to produce the flank port in the shape of a triangle which delivers the coolant more effectively to where it needs to be. These features will create one critical benefit; getting more coolant to the cutting edge of your insert than nearly any other parting / grooving tool on the market today.

When searching for MSA Modular blades, just look for the “-3D” suffix (ex: MSA-IL-SA1602-L41-20-ACS2-3D or MSA-SR-SA2402-44-ACS2-3D)

ARNO's 3D printed modular blades offer more parts per edge, better surface finishes, and more process stability… how cool is that?

ARNO Fast Change - Z Axis Extension Adaptor for Extended Nose Collets

Using an extended nose collet? No problem here, in addition to our offset head turning tool selections, we also have Z axis extensions that fit right into our GTF and BTF series AWL gang plates.

Adaptors for the 12mm tool slots offer 15mm and 20mm offset options while the 16mm tool slot adaptors only offer a 20mm offset.

And don't worry, the extensions pick up the through coolant from the gang plate and deliver it to the fixed stop to give you uninterrupted high pressure coolant to the cut zone.