The Innovative Quick Change Swiss Tooling System

It's the comprehensive quick change tooling solution for your Swiss machine. The program consists of an innovative through coolant gang plate and split shank tooling that work as a complete system to give you 30 second tool changes that repeat within +/-.001". Spend less time changing tools and more time making parts.

ARNO Fast Change System Overview

How we innovated Swiss lathe tooling

Quick Change Tooling For Your Sliding Head Swiss Machine

what makes this the most innovative Swiss lathe tooling

100% Through Coolant Capable

ARNO’s Fast Change gang plate was designed to deliver through coolant directly to the cutting edge.

Split Shank Tooling System

Coolant is delivered to the tool tip through our exclusive split shank tool holders. No one else does it quite like we do, and that’s what makes our split shank tooling system so efficient.

Lightning Fast Tool Change System

The goal of the ARNO Fast Change system is to keep your spindles running and producing parts. Our split shank tools will enable you to swap tools quickly and accurately without having to move coolant lines or spigots so you can make a lot more parts per shift.

Product Categories

Deco Cut Precision Swiss Groove and Turning Inserts

Deco-Cut is your Swiss Lathe Tooling solution for parting, grooving, turning, back turning, and threading. The precision ground inserts with sharp edges have been specifically developed for Swiss machining demands and the unique location system ensured dead accurate repeatability.

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Deco-Cut Tool Holders; Swiss Tooling for ARNO FAST CHANGE

Our deco-cut system is dedicated Swiss lathe tooling , specially developed for sliding head Swiss auto lathes, is a modular system for turning small, accurate parts. It features double sided inserts, quick insert changes, and a strong insert location with high repeatability.

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DLC Coated ISO Positive Precision Turning Inserts

In a class all their own, these Positive Precision inserts are coated with Diamond Like Carbon for machining abrasive non-ferrous materials. Choose the AD2 grade as a cost effective PCD alternative for Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP).

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Fixed Stops & Blank Offs

The ARNO Fast Change system features a selection of fixed stops and blank offs for various tool styles. The fixed stops, available with an offset coolant transfer groove, extend your tool holder overhang.

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Gang Plates

The Gang Plate is the heart of the ARNO Fast Change system. Coolant channels within the plate route coolant to the fixed stops and low profile 4 point wedge clamps keeps everything secure without collecting a lot of chips. Designed for ARNO's Fast Change split shank tool holders that will cover nearly any swiss turning application.

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HTE Grooving for AFC

The HTE system is an efficient, versatile, and secure grooving and parting platform for your Swiss operation. This selection of tool holders is designed for the ARNO FAST CHANGE gang plates.

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HTE Grooving Inserts

Designed for precision and security, with an added benefit of economy... the three edge, peripheral ground insert ensures repeatability and efficient cutting. Available in square and full radius geometries starting at 0.8mm, the TE inserts are at home in both Swiss and traditional applications.

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ISO Positive Precision Turning Inserts

Peripheral ground for precision indexing and sharper edge definitions. Perfect for small diameter work where part deflection must be avoided. Sharp edges and precise hones are also necessary for machining difficult materials like Titanium, Stainless Steel, and High Temp alloys.

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ISO Positive Utility Turning Inserts

Less costly but not less effective. Utility turning inserts are as-pressed or precision pressed. They offer more robust edge definitions for larger work and tougher operations.

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ISO Turn & Thread for AFC

The ARNO Fast Change system features ISO standard quick change turning and threading tool holders in various leads and configurations that will suit almost any application. The through coolant ports direct copious amounts of coolant to the cutting edge for better tool life and optimum chip control.

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SA Parting and Grooving Inserts

Our SA range of inserts include world class grades and geometries that are competent in machining materials ranging from Aluminum to high temperature alloys.

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SA/SE Part & Groove for AFC

As a part of the Arno Fast Change System, our selection of SA / SE tools for parting and grooving operations provide you with increased productivity and reduced costs.

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SE Inserts

The SE insert family is optimized for plunge and copy turn operations in virtually any material.

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Through Coolant Plumbing Components

ARNO USA stocks the high pressure lines, fittings, and adapters needed to deliver coolant from your machine to your through coolant tool. Here is where you will find hard to locate BSPP (or "G" thread) fittings for the ARNO FAST CHANGE system and NPT fittings for coolant supplied parting, grooving, and turning tools.

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