ISO Positive Turning Inserts

For an industry standard… it’s pretty outstanding. ARNO’s ISO Positive turning insert program is an extraordinary part of our overall suite of solutions for small turned part production. Our utility “as-pressed” program is perfect for cost effective machining in nearly every common material. Step up to the precision program for Swiss type machining where tolerances are more critical. The precision program features up-sharp, positive geometries that are polished for efficient material removal with low cutting pressure to minimize part deflection. And if you need nose radius options, we have plenty with the smallest being just .001”!

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Cost Effective, Versatile, Precise… the ARNO Core Positive Program

Stay In Control No Matter The Application:

Chip control is the name of the game for automated turned part production. ARNO has highly effective chip control options for roughing to finishing operations in nearly any material

Your Choice of the Perfect Edge Prep:

Nearly all of our precision inserts offer the choice between a dead sharp edge, and a honed edge. This option can make all the difference in small precision component production. Whether you’re machining medical grade plastic or using an LFV / HFT cycle, you’ll love our dead sharp options!

A Geometry For Any Challenge:

Choose an “as-pressed” utility insert for cost effective day to day machining, or choose a precision insert when tolerances are more critical or part deflection has to be avoided. Either way, we offer high performing selection in both styles

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