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External Blades

Once you know which external modular tool holder will fit your machine, select from this wide array of support blades for external grooving, face grooving, and KONTRA face grooving.

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Internal Axial Tool Holders

This versatile tool system can handle axial grooving with efficiency and are specially adapted for face grooving and axial groove-turn work in the bottom of bores.

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Internal Blades

A wide range of internal support blades that accommodate radial grooving applications. Find the base tool holder to best suit your machine requirement in Internal Tool Holders, then select from this array of grooving and groove-turn support blade options.

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Internal Tool Holders

Internal grooving tools available with integral or modular blades. Available in inch and metric with shank sizes from 1/2" to 2.00" and KM back ends.

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Modular Tool Holders

ARNO's modular system for radial and face grooving tools offer the ultimate in flexibility. Choose your back-end holder from this array of square shank, VDI, KM, and PSC options, then select the proper blade from the External Blades section.

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Monoblock Tool Holders

ARNO USA provides a reliable and user-friendly face grooving tool by only needing one spare part. A monoblock holder and a boring bar further expand the range of applications.

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NC Inserts

NC grooving inserts offer both precision ground and as-pressed geometries capable of side turning in both radial and axial (face) groove operations. Selecting ARNO Grooving tools will ensure success in your demanding materials and applications.

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